In the event you have paid for a workshop and can’t attend, Warrior Yoga will forward your payment to the next available date you can attend. Events require 24 hour cancellation to receive a credit to be forward to future events.



September Retreat at Country Garden Events (follow the link to see the weekend line up.

3 hour Ayurveda workshop at the September Country Garden Retreat. Check it out, learn your dosha and prepare for the change of season. If the weekend retreat doesn’t work out for you catch it the following Monday (see below).


October Retreat at Country Garden Events (follow the link to see the weekend line up.




Reiki is different from person to person, practitioner to practitioner, treatment to treatment. It is possible to find lists of energy workers on-line, in healing centres, magazines or other forms of adversing. You can find me this way too. However for reiki to be successful the key ingredient is for energy to mix or plays well together. For the past three years I have found the success behind my businesses is word of mouth. So finally after three years, I have found a way to thank my clients who share their experience, and bring me more clients.

Starting March 1, 2020, a client referral punch card is offered to all current or new clients. For every 10 referrals you get a free treatment.

How do you get a referral credit?

Cards will stay at the studio. Every person who comes in and says your name, you will get a credit punch towards your free treatment. Credits can come to you from telling a friend, family member, or some Jo you meet on the street about me. They just need your name.

Or / and . . .

You can also receive one referral credit by rating your experience on the Warrior Yoga Facebook page.