Yoga Schedule


Warrior Yoga will not offer on-line classes due to the importance placed on the alignment of each pose. The job of the yoga teacher is to guide their students through a safe practice. Without actually seeing all angles of my student, as is the case with virtual classes, I do not feel my student/clients would receive the quality of yoga practice they deserve. Without proper alignment bad habits, muscle imbalances, or injury can occur.

Yoga is not just a fitness program. Yoga is a lifestyle! At its roots it includes 8 limbs. Sadly the western world has stripped it down to the asana, and made it only about power, sweat, and how strong or flexible can you make the physical body. This is not balance! It took years to get your body to the point it is. So you must be patient and dig deep to undo, heal and develop new patterns. When done correctly you become stronger and more flexible in all five bodies, not just your physical form.

See class schedule and sign up for classes below. Also check the Events, as some, not all require in person (text, phone, or email registration) as well as prepayment, or deposit to secure a spot.