Humble Beginnings

Some where along my journey I thought I lost my way.  It could have been the decision to fall in love and not got to Europe when I completed high school.  It could have been the decision to go to University to prove I was smart, and more then a curvy blonde.  To prove to myself?  I didn’t even know what I wanted to “become”.  I know now that it wasn’t anyones fault I didn’t follow my dreams.  I truly believe that I needed to take the long way, not the wrong way so that I would completely appreciate life.

I rediscovered and started practicing yoga regularly in 2010.  I had two boys eighteen months apart.  That would have been okay, however baby boy two was born in October.  Postpartum in combination with seasonal depression resulted in a very exhausted, grouch, blue mommy.  I found myself in a yoga studio with a friend one March evening because anything was better then being at home.  Proof that yoga finds you when you need it.  I had practiced yoga before that evening, but until that point it was just a workout.

Fast forward through the years.  My relationship with yoga has had many ups and down.  Another baby . . . kidney disease and a lot in-between.  Yoga was alway there to help me get through whatever life through at me.  Prior to my complications with kidney disease I nearly completed training with a very powerful women in 2014, trained in Baptiste Yoga, but fell too ill to complete.  In spring of 2017, after my kidney had been removed and I was healed,  I had the opportunity to train at a local studio and complete my 200 hour yoga teacher certification.  The teaching style combination of two more unique, but equally powerful  women.  This time the training would go far beyond the mat.  I would take a mental and spiritual (emotional) trip to the point I felt broken.  The course was stretch over a few months, which gave me time to process and grow before more information was thrown at me.

The fall of that year I rented my first “space” in the cafeteria of a local high school.  It was cheap, warm, and you could feel the energy of youth still in the air.  It would be here that I would start to connect with people through the universal energy that connects us all.  For the next few months, I run bi-weekly karma classes to raise money and help a young lady in the Philippines.  A child, of only 20 years, who needed a life saving surgery that her family couldn’t afford.  I want to be clear … I don’t hear voices!  But I can see how people might get confused.  It was the first time I listened to my intuition.  It sounds a lot like an extra voice.  Instead of “hearing” its a feeling that sends tingles all over.   The feeling of what I needed to do, was a clear to me as it would have been had I heard someone say, “Raise money for Alyssa’s heart surgery.” I knew I needed to help this young lady, it felt right!  Since then I have continued to add to my tool belt so that I can help others. 

“God never said that the journey would be easy, but he did say that the arrival would be worth while.”      -Max Lucado.

I will always have a strong connection with Alyssa and her family.  Even though we still have not met in person.  Our story isn’t complete.  Alyssa will be going for her heart surgery as early as next week and I hope to travel to see her and her family one day.  I can feel it in my bones.

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