Ghost Town Apothecary

I repurpose and encourage you to do the same. When you buy a Ghost Town Apothecary product you are saving our planet in the greenest way possible, no extra manufacturing, and you are saving items that otherwise may have been disposed of.

Several of the product packages have been reclaimed from buildings I own in a Saskatchewan ghost town. There is also are containers more recently purchased, glass and aluminum, that can be re-sanitized and repurpose, again and again. While a lot of people will not be bothered to hold onto a item to save our planet at 10 cents, I’m willing to offer $5 savings if you bring your container back undamaged at which time you will only be charged per ounce of product.

I have chosen soy for candles due to the long, clean burn they offer. All essential oils and abyanga oils are therapeutic or organic grade (contact me personally for individual products). Plants are organic, and when possible I prefer to buy grown in Canada.

COMING SOON … Herbs to help heal, using plant therapy!

Refill Options

1. Bring back your clean, undamaged container and receive $5 off your next purchase.

2. Loved your packaging and it’s no longer available, or what to fill your own container? Call/text 403-580-6279, and you will be given quote before creation.

4. Looking for a unique piece? Check out the online catalogue (coming soon)

Ready to go items are available at Nirvana 101. Below is some items that have been created. Please feel free to contact me directly to check availability and arrange pickup or delivery.


Bath Elixir

Abhyanga Oil

Tea / Herbs

Bath Elixir